Individual Ways to Support

It takes all of us to make real change, but creating access to a better life starts with you. Monthly giving is the easiest, most convenient way to sustain your impact as an individual that also creates stability, allowing us to plan and budget accordingly. When you subscribe to give monthly, the donation is made for you automatically – no logging in, no calendar reminder! A one-time donation or gift of goods, skills or services are other low barrier ways you can take action right now. Follow the link below to our donation form or get in touch to see how we can work together to support dignified food security.

Organizational Support

Activating generosity within our professional and personal networks is a powerful way to amplify impact and effect real, meaningful change for communities that need us. Consider leveraging your next special event like a birthday or workplace event  to collect charitable gifts from friends and family in support of ABLF. When you do, we can set up a specialized donation link specifically for your event where friends, family, guests or colleagues can donate privately online and in their own time. Contact us to set up your fundraising campaign and discuss tools and options available to support your fundraising efforts.

We encourage both local businesses and corporations to arrange give back or matching programs within their workforce! Donating a portion of proceeds from a specific day or rallying charitable gifts over a specific period of time are simple and meaningful ways to convene generosity for change. Over the years, we’ve worked alongside many wonderful companies who have matched funds to funds raised, funds to volunteer hours, and more!

Corporate team posing with a plate of food they have prepared for at-risk residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside during a Plenty of Plates fundraising event.


It takes just $7 to provide a single meal to someone in need, but our impact goes beyond a free lunch. Providing safe, dignified access to food security is an investment into the health and wellness of our community. Click through to give now.


Everyone has something to give. If you have skills or time you’d like to donate, click through and fill out our Volunteer form to see where we’re best aligned. We are looking forward to opportunities with you!

ABLF volunteer Juliet on location in the production kitchen.

Join Us!

ABLF is built on the power of being in service to others, through food! We connect, heal, train, educate and create radical spaces of inclusion. Join us and join an organization with purpose. Check out our open positions to see how our goals fit.

There are currently no positions available