When we’re hungry, it’s hard to focus on anything else. When we’re hungry, it’s hard to function day-to-day. Our neighbours throughout Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with little or no access to food and resources, are often left to find themselves back from extreme circumstances, hungry.

“Being Hungry Sucks” is A Better Life Foundation’s annual fundraiser that reminds us that happier, healthier, more connected communities are possible when we start with food. 

“Being Hungry Sucks 2021” takes place during the holiday season. Donation dollars raised during the month of December are critical to our ability to connect supportive programming and services. ABLF supports young mothers, street-entrenched youth, Indigenous groups, seniors unable to cook for themselves, and those living well below the poverty line. This year we have set the target of $100k. This goal will help us secure funding to enable us to continue our educational programs. Our programs promote independence and food literacy and food recovery initiatives that divert literal tons of food from the landfill back onto plates with enormous environmental benefits. Most critical of all, our programs provide over 1,200 meals every single day.

In 2021, we are offering two newly designed, safely distanced (we’ll be back for you in January Plenty of Plates!) ways to create change and advocate for those who need us most.


Bringing together the incredible creative talents of our very special network of friends and family, we are
thrilled to announce the Being Hungry Sucks Charitable Auction. Head here to bid on the item of your choice. There are no limits to giving, so bid (and outbid 😉 ) to secure the item(s) of your choice. The auction runs until December 31st. We encourage you to check out the curated selection of amazing work generously gifted to ABLF in support of BHS21 from some folks you’re definitely going to recognize!


When we’re nourished, we can flourish! Our community needs us now more than ever, and the brand-new-for-this-year Being Hungry Sucks Sponsorship Shop offers a way for you to pick the recipient group you wish to support. Sponsorship packages are available for specialized groups and specific community outreach partners. Specify the meal count and length of time for your donation dollars and we will send you a digital thank you card to print and keep for yourself or send to someone as a gift.

We thank you for the incredible support you’ve shared with us this year. While we still have to keep our main fundraising activities on hiatus, we’re fortunate that in these challenging times we have been able to grow our programming and produce a record breaking 449,746 meals in 2021. We appreciate that many of you have already contributed this year, and are not able to support financially during Being Hungry Sucks. But, please do not underestimate the impact sharing our message with your network has! Through Social media and word of mouth, tell your colleagues! Tell your friends! Tell your family! sharing our message of hope and food means the world to us. It helps us grow!